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AJESTHE, the Association of Japanese Estheticians and Beauty Therapists, was established as a professional organization in 1972 by the experts in various beauty related businesses for the purpose of promoting a beauty therapist / esthetician profession.

AJESTHE had established and has been managing a certification system for beauty therapists / estheticians in Japan. Our diverse portfolio includes the activities to educate and enhance professional conducts of the beauty therapists / estheticians. Our aim is to gain the consumers’ confidence as well as the social status of our profession.

The purpose

The AJESTHE aims to improve the qualities of members through training and research on beauty therapy related technologies and knowledge, and to contribute to the sound development of the beauty therapy industry.

Association Activities

Education training on beauty therapy theory and technology

Beauty therapy's theory and technical qualification certification

Public relations on beauty therapy by member bulletins and books

Beauty therapy's theory and technology research and development

Promote mutual friendship and exchange of information among members

Collaboration with organizations related to beauty therapy in and outside Japan

Other necessary businesses to achieve the above purposes

History of the Association

Established as Japan Beauty Therapists Association in June 1972

In June 1972, the AJESTHE was established as a Japan Beauty Therapists’ Association by many stakeholders such as beauty therapists, medical professionals, cosmetic specialists etc. for the purpose of spreading and developing healthy beauty therapy industry in Japan. In June 2001, the Association was renamed, and in December 2008 it acquired the legally formed corporate status and became AJESTHE.

Since its establishment, AJESTHE has been engaged in the educational activities for the training and upgrading of beauty therapists, the certification activities such as accrediting beauty therapists, the industry activities to establish the beauty therapy too be trusted by the general consumers, the international relations with other countries including CIDESCO. We are developing wide-range of activities in various fields including information exchange activities, activities to support consumers, and activities to implement AJESTHE registered salon system.

In addition, the association has been working as a Japanese section of CIDESCO since its establishment, but in March 2007, the CIDESCO Japan section became independent as a limited liability intermediate corporation CIDESCO-NIPPON (present: general corporate corporation CIDESCO-NIPPON). Currently, AJESTHE and CIDESCO JAPAN Section are working while respecting and coordinating the positions of both organizations.

Formal tie-up with Socio Esthetic training institute CODES

In September 2004, AJESTHE signed an agreement to officially tied up with CODES, a Socio-esthetic training institution that has 30 years of experience in France, and has also begun activities aimed to establish "Socio-estheticians" in Japan.

Cooperation with other beauty therapy related organizations

AJESTHE works closely with government ministries and related agencies and organizations such as the Japan Beauty therapy Research Foundation and the Japan Beauty therapy Organization, which is an accredited non-profit organization, and a comprehensive soundness of the entire industry including surveys and research on each beauty therapy field.

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一般社団法人 日本エステティック協会 since1972